[Solved] KM06 - questions and suggestions  


I recently bought the KM06 and so far am quite happy, it being my first mechanical keyboard. However, some questions remain:

- Is it possible to specify the color/brightness per key or only with the presets?

- Is it somehow possible to change/dim the lighting on the status LEDs? This is a really big annoyance as the bright numlock gets on my nerves even in a moderately lit room. In a dark room is must be blinding.


Suggestions: Improve the usability of the driver, currently it is not very intuitive and most things can only be figured out by trial & error. Plus the windows are too small and text is cut off (i.e. in the macro editor).

Second suggestion (probably for a KM06 v2): have the status LEDs be dimmable.


Other than that I am quite surprised by the build quality and the feel of the switches after comparing them to other keyboards (Cherry MX Board & Corsair K70). Kudos! 🙂



You can program an individual color per key. Individual brightness per key is not possible, only for all keys at once. However, you can configure a key not to be lit at all.

The preset for individual programming is on FN + 0

To program without the driver press and hold FN + DEL for some seconds. Then you will be in programming mode. Now you can press any key. With each press you loop though 7 colors and off for that key.

Programming with the driver:

Select one of the profiles (M1, M2 or M3). Then set the checkbox "light" to checked. After that switch the selection list to "Coastal" (don't ask me why it is named like this). In this mode you can set/clear a color for each key using the keyboard picture and the color combo boxes. You can also use the "basic color" combobox to select a default color (or off) for all keys if you want.


Another hint: To switch between the three profiles use the FN + ROLL keys.

This way I use one profile for working with a complete blue keyboard and another one with some rgb colored keys for playing Fallout. Really nice in the dark! I also switch the Num-Block off then, because that single led is so bright 🙂


Hope it helped!


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