[Solved] Reidea KM06 replacing switches  


I have a general question about replacing the switches in the KM06:

The instructions says, that the switches can be replaced. There are also some spare switches delivered with the keyboard.

Can the switches just be pulled from the board or are they actually soldered to it? This is not clear to me from the instructions.


Hi, the switches can be pulled from the board:

1. Remove keycap via pull it;

2. Remove switch via “U" puller (included)

3. insert a new switch and keycap

Please check the attached image


Thanks for the clarification! This is a outstanding feature I guess. You should promote this more. On other mechanical keyboards you would have to de-/solder every single key.

Thank you so much for your suggestion^_^

We just add the feature on our product page:



Great! The product page looks good!

Just posted my translated and slightly modified review on the product page.

By the way: Both links Buy at Amazon.de (DE Layout) and Buy at Amazon.co.uk (UK Layout) do not work for me, because both of them lead to amazon.com instead of amazon.de / amazon.co.uk

Thank you so much! It seems the links redirected  to wrong country, I just replace it to Amazon direct link. Thank you again for letting us know this.

I just sent a single-use free Amazon code for KM06 to you via Email, you can use it or send it to your friend (The price will be 0,01 Euro after code, the code is only valid once)


Great, the links are now working!

You are very generous, thank you so much! However, I just wanted to let you know that I did not receive any email so far. I've also looked in my spam folder. Did you use the email adress from my user profile? I do get notifications from this forum to this adress, so it should work.


Just a short update on this:

I finally replaced the switches in one of my boards with brown gaterons - or, at least, I tried, but the lugs of the gaterons were a tiny bit too thick to fit into the holes on the board.

So I had to open up each and every switch and replace the red innerts of the original switches with the brown innerts of the gaterons.

However, the result is great! I can recommend this setup for office use. Especially in combination with rubber keycap dampeners.

Can someone maybe recommend other switches that will fit directly?

Was it hard to do it? I was going to do the exact same thing but now I'm not sure.

Also, wouldn't be possible to smooth them using sandpaper or something similar?. I must say I'm quite ignorant about the subject so if this question is really dumb please forgive me.


I would say, what I did was monkey work. Totally dumb. I had to open 208 switches. I can't recommend to do the same 🙂

It is not really hard to open up the switches. If you get it once, you will become faster from switch to switch. I just swapped the red "stamp" and the spring with the brown one from the gateron switches.

The main problems I had were removing the switches from the board, some of them were damaged in the upper part because there is no other way to place the switch removal tool than to the weak upper and the lower side of the switch. Not a problem at all but not nice. Another problem were the production tolerances of the switches. Some of the brown "stamps" did not fit well in the upper half of the outemu switches and so that the key could get stuck half way up. So I had to find a matching part with bigger tolerances from my stack of switch parts. All in all I got them all back to work again.

So, again, don't do it like I did 🙂

The much easier way would be to order switches that will fit in properly. Maybe one could find a supplier for the original OUTEMU switches of the desired type. Maybe the gaterons I ordered were made for soldering, I dont know.

@REIDEA: What about providing some switch replacement kits to your customers? That would be a great deal! With KM06 you have the best basis to do so!


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