[Solved] Reidea KM06 replacing switches  


I have a general question about replacing the switches in the KM06:

The instructions says, that the switches can be replaced. There are also some spare switches delivered with the keyboard.

Can the switches just be pulled from the board or are they actually soldered to it? This is not clear to me from the instructions.


Hi, the switches can be pulled from the board:

1. Remove keycap via pull it;

2. Remove switch via “U" puller (included)

3. insert a new switch and keycap

Please check the attached image


Thanks for the clarification! This is a outstanding feature I guess. You should promote this more. On other mechanical keyboards you would have to de-/solder every single key.

Thank you so much for your suggestion^_^

We just add the feature on our product page:



Great! The product page looks good!

Just posted my translated and slightly modified review on the product page.

By the way: Both links Buy at Amazon.de (DE Layout) and Buy at Amazon.co.uk (UK Layout) do not work for me, because both of them lead to amazon.com instead of amazon.de / amazon.co.uk

Thank you so much! It seems the links redirected  to wrong country, I just replace it to Amazon direct link. Thank you again for letting us know this.

I just sent a single-use free Amazon code for KM06 to you via Email, you can use it or send it to your friend (The price will be 0,01 Euro after code, the code is only valid once)


Great, the links are now working!

You are very generous, thank you so much! However, I just wanted to let you know that I did not receive any email so far. I've also looked in my spam folder. Did you use the email adress from my user profile? I do get notifications from this forum to this adress, so it should work.


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