[Solved] Reidea KM06 Driver improvements - Ideas and proposals  


Are there plans for further improvements of the Mechanical Keyboard driver software?

For example, would it be possible to create additional presets or at least to rename the custom presets?

Maybe there could be the possibility to automatically activate a preset if a specific application is executed.

Is there a place where users can share their presets? There is a import and export function in the driver but I could not find any presets. I would love the idea to share presets with other users!


Just my two cents. Love that keyboard!


Great Suggestions!!! We will update our driver as soon as possible, and we will email it to you when it available.

Thank you so much:-)

Best Regards,

P.S.: I just sent a EUR 20,00 Amazon.de Gift card to you, please check your inbox.

Thank you, this is very kind of you!

Hope my suggestions can help to improve your product!


Just an addition to the ideas above:

As I understood the import and export function the way it is implemented today, the import and export does a complete export of the memory of the keyboard, is that right? If so, this function would be good as a general backup functionality.

For better exchangability, it would be nice if the three individual presets (M1-M3) could be exported and imported individually as well. So the other two presets won't be overwritten when importing a user preset from the community.


One more thing, I just used the Macro Editor for the first time:

In the driver the Umlaut keys for DE layout are missing. When I press the 'Ö' key, the macro recorder will record the character '`' instead. And, to make it even more complicated, when I bind and use the macro, the actual output will be the character '^'.

It is also not possible to select the correct key from the list, because all Umlauts (ÄÖÜ) are not in there. The selection list seems to be defined for ANSI layout.

I downloaded and installed the driver for the UK / DE version.

Is there another driver version for DE layout yet?

Edited: 3 months  ago

Thank you for letting us know this. Yes, the selection list is ANSI layout, unfortunately there is only version 1.0 available, I forwarded the problem to our engineer, we will update the driver as soon as possible. 

 Ok, good to know that I use the current driver. Then I will wait for an update.


Hi again!

Are there any news on the driver yet? Is there already a release plan for it?


Hi there, yes, we are working with it and new version driver will release on Junly 10, 2017

Nice, looking forward to it! Thanks for the info!


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