REIDEA KM06 RGB Mechanical Keyboard with Red Switch (UK Layout)


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Red mechanical switch keys feature a light 50g linear press and tactile bump;

Satisfying audible click won’t be loud enough to annoy anyone in the next room.

100% anti-ghosting across all 104 keys. Lock unlock Windows Key so you never miss click again

Tested with 50 million keystrokes, molded from top grade ABS and Aluminum; splash safe keycaps easy to clean

Full programmable RGB backlighting gives you ability to choose how your gear looks and color code triggers. Our macro key editor makes it easy to execute keystrokes fast

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Introducing the REIDEA KM06
When gaming with the best, every millisecond counts. That’s why our KM06 keyboard was designed with speed and durability in mind. We went through every detail and created what we thought would give you, the player, the biggest advantage. And while other players are bottoming out on cheap membrane keyboards, you know better. A mechanical keyboard will win every time.

Red switches with 50g of actuation
These super-responsive key switches feature a light 50g linear press and tactile bump that gives you a distinct activation feel. And while this switch has a satisfying audible click, it won’t be loud enough to annoy anyone in the next room. The heart of every keyboard is the switch and these switches won’t let you down.

Per key color customization
Every individual key color can be changed to give you almost limitless customization of your keyboard. Or just use one of the pre-programmed backlight effects. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a unique look. Set your heals to blue. Set your ults to red. Or find that color combo that shows off your style. Make it your own, one key at a time.

Assign macros to ANY key
We didn’t just stop at color customization. We even gave you the ability to assign macros to any key. Our macro key editor makes it easy to execute keystrokes fast.

Splash-safe and easy to clean
Suspended keycaps make it quick and simple to avoid sticky keys. Use the included puller to remove a cap and even change keys out with ease.

Full key rollover
Guarantee accurate gameplay every time with 100% anti-ghosting across all 104 keys. Gaming has never been better.

There are additional switches in the package, you can replace the switches via puller

  1. Remove keycap via pull it;
  2. Remove switch via “U” puller (included)
  3. insert a new switch and keycap

17 reviews for REIDEA KM06 RGB Mechanical Keyboard with Red Switch (UK Layout)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    ?It’s a basic gaming keyboard, but it uses red mechanical switches which are best for gaming really, black ones are good too.These red switches are very silent and soft to press. It’s easy to type on it, however it takes about a day or two (for professional like me) to get used to this keyboard, keys are really soft and sometimes you end up pressing something you did not want to press, but otherwise it’s fine.Lighting effects are really epic + keyboard’s software allows you to make your own custom backlight theme, allowing you to customize each key color individually. Supports full RGB colors.on top of that, you can fully program each button to do whatever you like, including adding macros to any button.This keyboard also has N-Key rollover (no conflict between buttons, you can hold down as many keys at same time as you want).It has metal frame, making it quite heavy and it won’t slip or slide around on the table (good for raging gamers who tend to bash their table with their head).Even tho it has no extra buttons, it has the FN button which gives you ability to use some buttons as something else, for example FN+ number keys, changes the lighting effect and FN+F7 is play/pause ..etc. Those are all mentioned in the manual.It also comes with 4 extra mechanical switches in case they break, however my keyboard came with 1 broken switch! ESC button was not working, so right out of the box i had to replace 1 key. You gotta be careful when changing switches, if you pull the switch off the board under wrong angle, you end up twisting the contact pins and you might end up breaking it complete, making the switch useless. so beaware, you need steady hand to do that!I think this keyboard is good for any purpose really, it’s not best for typing, but does the job just fine. Best keyboard for typing is one with clicky mechanical switches, such as blue switches for example. Anyway i like the feel of this keyboard, really nice 🙂

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    The robust, beautifully illuminated keyboard.All mechanical keyboards have unfortunately stretched, small letters on the buttons.It can be a little bad for faster typing, if you want to watch what you type,anyway-night or day.Conclusion:Nothing is perfect in this world ..haha, but I give 5 stars (Very good workmanship,metal design,quit red switch button,and beutiful iluminated buttons).Bravo!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Very well made keyboard. Switches feel very nice, are quiet and produce a nice noise. The back lighting is bright and easily customised through the driver or keyboard shortcuts. It has a very sturdy metal design with virtually no flex. Was dispatched very quickly and came in 2 days even though it was on standard delivery. I’m very pleased and would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a mechanical RGB keyboard with a UK layout option.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Great mechanical keyboard with great drivers at a price of 1/2 of what its branded equivalent would be!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Absolutely fantastic keyboard. I had fairly high expectations but even still they were surpassed! This keyboard doesn’t seem to be particularly well known but that definitely needs to change. Highly recommend.Also the delivery was fantastic, came the following day even on standard free delivery!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    good keyboard nice backlight effects good build qualityI received my one with a broken arrow key just waiting for refund so I can get another onewill add more to my review when tested more

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Unfortunately, the keyboard arrived with a non working “down arrow” key. I used an included replacement red switch to check if the switch was faulty. However, the key still refused to be recognised even when I loaded the special software on the CD. It is a shame that just one dud key can ruin a keyboard, because in all other respects I would have been very happy with it.Amazon return was very good and I was able to return it straight away.I will amend my score assuming a second keyboard is OK.08/01/07 UPDATEHaving originally left a score of 2 stars, I am now, so far, happy with the prompt replacement – having found no problems.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brilliant customer service! Great keyboard 🙂

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    This is my first mechanical keyboard, so I cannot compare it to others. However, my brother-in-law works in IT and has a masters in computer science, and he’s given it his seal of approval when he came round and had a go on it. It feels absolutely great to type on, extremely responsive. It gets a lot of use (both for assignments and gaming) and I just cannot fault it. The customisation is incredible. From macros to individual key colours and light patterns. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a budget friendly mechanical keyboard. The only fault with mine is that my capslock keycap was a CTRL one – it still functioned right, it was just a cosmetic error. Easily fixable.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    REIDEA KM06 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with the RGB lighting effects. Bright, vivid and dramatic, they really make this keyboard stand out from the rest of the premium/gaming category.Solidly built with a nice heavy weight to it. The mechanical red switches are very satisfying to use, resulting in a pleasing feel that makes typing a joy. When gaming, this feel contributes to a nice sensation that confirms that each individual key press is activated exactly as intended.It is wonderfully straightforward in terms of key layout and functions. 100% anti-ghosting across all 104 keys and a full-sized number pad. The media control functions must be activated by pressing and holding down the FN last, it with the palm and wrist rest , I like it ^Pros:-Keys are ‘clicky’ and give definitive feedback with each press.-The font is easy to read and fits the aesthetic I was going for perfectly.-The software has many different effects for the lighting on the keys, which adds a nice dynamic. You can do solid colors, add multiple different colors by “zone” and even set different settings based on what you’re doing (gaming vs typing, etc).-It comes with spare pieces should you need to change out a switch.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    This Keyboard arrived well packaged in a cardboard boxThe Box contained 1x Mechanical Keyboard, 1x Installation CD, 1x Instruction Manual, 1x Key Puller, 4x Replacement Red Switches.I’ve bought this keyboard purely due to me moving my PC’s location. I’ve been using mechanical keyboards for a couple of years now and would never return to the old membrane type. I’ve had to buy this one as my previous model had Blue switches that make a very loud click when keys are pressed. As I’ve moved my PC / Office into the spare room next to my main bedroom, my partner has complained constantly about the noise my keyboard makes. With this one it’s still a mechanical keyboard, but the keys don’t make the loud clicking noise when typing. Another big plus with this keyboard compared to my last is that it’s a UK layout. My previous keyboard was a US layout and I didn’t think it would bother me that much as I mainly touch type, but it did. Something else I really like is that it has a full size return key, I’ve seen a lot of keyboards recently where the return key was half sized and could be annoying if you type quickly.This is a really well made keyboard. The main cover is made from aluminium which provides a quality finish and is nice and cool on your hands when your typing. The keys are well designed with a modern style font that’s clear and easy to read. The difference between this and the cheaper membrane keyboards is that every key has a mechanical micro switch underneath it. Membrane keyboards just use rubber caps pressing onto a plastic membrane with a printed circuit board etched into it. If part of the membrane fails it’s time for a new keyboard, where as with this you can just replace the individual key (Four of which are provided with the keyboard). Individual micro switches are also far more accurate at registering key strokes. If you type a lot, or game a lot, then once you’ve tried a mechanical keyboard it’s highly unlikely you will ever return to a membrane type. This particular one really is a joy to type on.Another big feature of this keyboard is the lighting. Now some people might think that this is a gimmick, but I’ve been buying illuminated keyboards for years, as I often work late at night (Or game) and dislike having the main lights on, this used to make seeing the keys difficult and before my typing got up to scratch, illuminated keyboards were the best solution. They have however come a long way since those early days and this new generation really are impressive. The keys on this keyboard have the font laser etched into the keys, the font is actually transparent so when you turn on the LED lighting each character is clearly light from the underneath. This means every key is clearly visible in low light, unlike other cheaper keyboards where just the key itself is backlit. There are a variety of effects available on this keyboard, from scrolling colours to breathing, with completely adjustable brightness. The included software also lets you choose from preprogrammed settings to a unique set up of your choosing that can be saved for future use. It really makes a difference to your game as you can just illuminate only the keys you need in colours that you will remember. Lighting effects and software shortcuts can all be accessed quickly via the FN key and function keys etc.I’ve gone through a lot of keyboards over the last twenty five years, and in the last couple of years I’ve really seen a difference in the build and quality of them. It’s nice to see companies Reidea making such high quality products at a fraction of the price of the major labels. Some may think that this is a lot for a keyboard, but it’s under half the price of a well known branded equivalent, performs every bit as well, and is something you will be using for years to come on a regular basis. I’m very very satisfied with my purchase, and my partners no longer complaining about the clickety click noises my old one made (and my sons happy as he nicked my old one).

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    This keyboard is great value for money. It is my first ever mechanical keyboard so I was quite hesitant about paying a high price for one of the corsair/razer ones. I can confidently say that this is a high quality keyboard and more than worth the money for it. The clicks/noises it makes and the RGB colours are strong and great to look at. It is a great keyboard that feels sturdy and will last a long time before showing any kind of wear and tear. I would highly recommend this to all!

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    This was my first big investment into a mechanical keyboard, and I am very content with my purchase. There isn’t much else to say really, other than it is a good entry level mechanical keyboard.

  14. Rated 5 out of 5

    If you’re thinking about buying this keyboard, but are on the fence due to the brand name or the price, then allow me to help you make your decision.I took the plunge and bought this keyboard and this review will be quite in-depth! The keyboard is UK version, using red switches (will describe what type further on) and comes with 4 spare switches, as well as a key cap puller.Look and Feel:They keyboard has a great, clean look to it and they key caps feel good. The keys are easy to press (as expected from red switches).Because the switches are raised from the base, cleaning the keyboard is super easy – just remove the key caps and clean away.There is a small slanted bit coming out of the keyboard at the bottom ,as you can see in the picture. I found it only helps with keeping the keyboard to the desk, you can’t rest you wrist or anything on this – it’s way too small. The font on the key caps is very gamer-ish but this doesn’t bother me as my last keyboard had very standard font. Also pressing FN + F1-F12 gives you multimedia controls and volume controls, very handy!Lighting:The keyboard has full RGB lighting, with an LED on each switch. You can choose from the many lighting presets or change the lighting of every key individually, which I really, really like. I currently have my keyboard in purple, with the keys I use for gaming highlighted in a lighter tone of purple. The lighting isn’t very bright, it won’t blind you at night, but you can’t notice it in the day time either. However, my last keyboard was extremely bright, so I don’t mind the change.Switches:This version of the keyboard comes with Red Goate switches. These are cherry MX clones, but do not be put off by this! I have used cherry MX and I can say with confidence these switches perform nearly as well. It won’t be quite as good as real Cherry MX’s but the difference is barely noticeable unless you play competitive games at the highest level – but then you wouldn’t be gunning for this keyboard would you ;)The distance to press down the key is very short, the noise is also quiet enough that you can use this keyboard at night without waking up the whole street!Software:The software is nothing flashy but gives you basic functionality of what you need. It seems most of what you pay for is for the product and not for the software, but that is great as the keyboard can be programmed without the software anyway, and we get a higher quality product. You are allowed 3 profiles, and fully extensive lighting customisation. From here, you can choose from lighting presets like “moba”, “fps”, “mmo”, which light up the relevant keys for you. You can choose from all the presets but best of all, you can set the colour of every key individually to whatever colour you want. This is great for making your own “gaming setups” where you light up or have different colour tones on the keys you use for your games. A macro editor is also included, I have not tried it but I imagine it would work like any other macro program.If you want a great keyboard without forking out too much money, this product will be great for you! Highly recommended.

  15. Rated 5 out of 5

    Great keyboard love the Backlit and the options if buy another for sure

  16. Rated 5 out of 5


  17. Rated 5 out of 5

    ?When it was delivered to me and installed it in my laptop … I am so amazed and says WOW!!! amazing keyboard! Its so beautiful and great in quality. Im so satisfied to its very nice design and its colorful keypad! Its working excellent and very soft when typinh its keypads! It helps me to work on my laptop more comfortable and less hassle in typing! Its very good also in gaming as its designed in flexible use like you can use it for office work, gaming and so on! Its very easy to connect in laptop just connect its USb and that is you can use it after. The quality is highly recommendable and its lights effects are more appreciated as it gives more satisfaction to me! Thumbs up! Looking forward to buy more cause its also a good idea to give as a gift especially to my nephew who loves gaming and its my first idea to give for him on his birthday nextweek! Looking forward to buy one for my nephew!

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