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July 5, 2021
Designed and Named Through Crowdsourcing

the New HaloWeight Body Scale is now Available for Purchase

LEWES, DELAWARE (PRWEB) August 02, 2017

There are certainly a lot of bathroom scales on the market, but nothing that compares to the design of the HaloWeight ™ Body Scale by REIDEA®.  With its round, sleek, futuristic high-tempered glass and chrome surface, the scale is almost too nice to keep on the floor and could be hung up as a wall accent!  The groundbreaking design was voted on and named by REIDEA customers in a crowdsourcing competition held in early 2017.  Now, the scale is available for purchase exclusively at the REIDEA online store, $29.99 SRP.

The REIDEA® HaloWeight ™ Body Scale features a large LCD display for easy, accurate reading.  Powered by standard AAA batteries, the scale features an automatic on/off switch to save battery life – just step on the scale for instant weight results, no need to switch on power first.  It also includes a low-battery warning and overload warning to ensure accuracy.  The scale provides medical-quality precision, up to a maximum of 400 lbs / 180 kgs.  The high-tempered glass is easy to clean and will look beautiful for years to come.

The HaloWeight ™ Body Scale was developed in part through REIDEA’s Genius program.  The program provides free or highly-discounted samples of existing and pre-release products in exchange for insightful and unbiased feedback.  REIDEA values the comments of its consumer base and believes that providing the best products to market is the key to success.  Anyone interested in joining the Genius program is encouraged to visit the REIDEA website for more information.

“The HaloWeight ™ Body Scale is one of the first products to be determined and named through our Genius program as well as online competition”, said Christy Lee, REIDEA CEO.  “We have many more on the drawing board and look forward to working closely with our customer base to create the best household product solutions possible.”


REIDEA was founded in 2016, a young team who are full of passion to RE-Design and automate homes by offering human-centered products with forward-thinking design.  REIDEA products make life easier and more comfortable, whether the goal is to increase energy, improve health, or get better sleep.  Our products help our customers become fitter and healthier.

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