REIDEA Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale With Step On Technology, 400 Pounds, Round Tempered Glass Electronic Weighing, Body Measure Tape Included, Elegant Black


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  • HIGH PRECISION SCALE – equipped with high precision sensors and auto-calibration giving accurate readings consistently even if you move the scale
  • VERSATILE USE FOR THE FAMILY HOME – easy to change units between kilograms and pounds at the push of a button. Measures in 0.1 kg/0.2 Ib increments, minimum weight 5 kg/ 11 Ib
  • EASY TO USE – Easy to read large well-lit blue LED backlit display which stays on the scale for a few seconds after you step off. Takes 4 x AAA batteries (included) rather than difficult to find round CR batteries
  • STEP-ON TECHNOLOGY – an end to having to tap the scale to turn it on, simply step on and your weight is instantly displayed. Scale will automatically turn-off after 8 seconds non-use to conserve battery life
  • ELEGANT DESIGN AND EASY TO CLEAN – minimalist sleek round design which makes an elegant addition to any bathroom. Tempered glass makes it durable and sturdy as well as being easy to clean
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A clear step towards a healthy lifestyle with REIDEA High-precision Digital Bathroom Scale

Our REIDEA Round Body Weighting Scale Built for precision and performance. It uses four highprecision sensors to instantly deliver trustworthy results with a 0.2 lb accuracy resolution.
Reading your results is simple thanks to the sizeable, sharp LCD displaythe ultra chic tempered glass platform is not only durable but also has an auto on/off feature for superior convenience and maximum battery life. It has been designed for the whole family to use(fit for women/ men/girl/boys/baby), a simple, accurate scale which instantly records Fyour weight, is easy to read, even in the dark!

This digital scale comes with multi functions including step-on technology which puts an end to having to tap to turn on. It also has automatic switch off, and overload, error and low battery warnings. Easy to switch between kg and Ib quickly !

Small increments meaning more accurate measure of weight, weighs up to 400 Ib / 180 kg.Beautiful unique round shape, which you don’t need to hide in your bathroom, but happy to display.

Safety Information
This scale is designed for use on hard, flat surfaces. Measurements will be compromised on non-ideal surfaces. Avoid carpets or soft surfaces.

Body weight naturally fluctuates throughout the day. People are lighter when they wake up, heavier in the middle of the day, and lighter again towards the end of the day.

In some cases you may need to manually calibrate the scale after changing batteries or moving the scale. To manually calibrate, step on the scale then step off and wait for the LCD screen to display ‘0.0’. Step back on the scale to weigh with accurate results.

Package information:
1 x Digital weight scale
1 x User Manual
1 x Body Measuring Tape
4 x AAA Batteries

30 reviews for REIDEA Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale With Step On Technology, 400 Pounds, Round Tempered Glass Electronic Weighing, Body Measure Tape Included, Elegant Black

  1. Agnes

    Very nice came with the battery.just install the battery in the hole,there has a circle blue color light .start to weigh .the glass was very thick and heavy.i am prefer this scale

  2. Patrisia Gonzalez

    I love the fact you can just jump on it and it turns on to read your exact weight.

  3. Michelle Valdez-Clenny

    This scale is a great addition to my bathroom after we upgraded it. Now even are scale fits it to our modem bathroom. It works great!

  4. Mike

    Simple but effective, not an complicated to use, automatically turns on when stepped on. The output is backlit making it easy to read even in the dark. Scale is precise to within a tenth of a pound, which is good for any average user trying to track weight. Very sleek appearance and the scale was reasonably priced. The scale came nicely packaged and included the needed batteries. Overall a excellent purchase for the price.

  5. Clarizze

    ?great purchased! the digital design and vibrant color is lovely. its so classy, perfect for my bathroom. now that im watching my weight, this is just right for me. i would love to recommend this to friends and family.

  6. Laura S

    I Love this scale. Unlike other scales, you dont have to first tap it to wake up, wait and then step to get your weight. This item, you just stand, it wakes up and then digitally displays weight. It also comes with a measuring tape that you can measure body parts without assistance.

  7. donncat2

    Only time will tell whether this is a good scale or not. My old scale is a Thinner model I bought over 10 yrs. ago. It still works. The house needed another scale. I really liked the design, the lighted display, and the color. Based on that, it’s a 5 star. If it holds up as well as my old Thinner model, it will get 5 starts. Can’t do that at this time.

  8. Jackie B.

    This is nice so far. As long as it holds up with time (and I believe it will based on the quality it appears to be) it’s definitely a good purchase. As others said, the glass is sturdy and it’s easy to clean.

  9. Kim Emery

    We like the scale, but it is quirky… You step on it once and it gives you your weight, you step back onto it and it gives you a different number… Kind of odd

  10. Amazon Customer

    Very accurate

  11. desiree hodge

    Broke after the week

  12. TrojanPeace

    I’ve noticed, every review -so far- of many, has rated five stars. This is with good reason. The scale is a functional and aesthetic beauty. In an attempt to avoid repeating excellent reviews, I will share my one disappointment. Because of the generously careful shipping, the package was too large to get delivered to an Amazon Locker. I did not notice, why I was refunded the first time. After I’d ordered a second time, I saw the reason, and had just missed the attempted drop. I’d called Amazon, to ask if the delivery could be rerouted to my residence. Even though I am only five blocks from the nearest Amazon Lockers, the driver could not get rerouted to me and I had to order a third time. This time, I’d had it delivered to my home address, but rerouted to a UPS access point, only two blocks from me. I was refunfed, for the second delivery attempt, and am completely satisfied, with my scale. The wait -for this work of art- was well worth it, and a “sweet” three day early birthday present, for myself..

  13. Ryan M. Richter

    Neat scale for a great price. No complaints!

  14. tamara loggins

    Very nice! Slim and easily fits in storage areas or just simply sitting out. Absolutely love!

  15. Tresor B

    So far so good. I love how stylish it is and seems like the dust would wipe off easily. Since I just received it, I really have no major negative complaints. The only thing I wish is that the tape measure would show inches on the outside rather than centimeters. That is seriously the only complaint I have and it’s really too petty to take away a star. As of now, I highly recommend this scale/tape measure combo. You can’t beat the price and it will look nice on your bathroom floor. Good luck on your weight management journey!

  16. Beth A Zubal

    simple, sturdy, modern/appealing, tape measure a plus!

  17. Fontaine Amazon Customer

    This is a nice looking scale for the money. I’m happy with it. Hope it’s a long lasting.

  18. Alisha Smith

    I received my scale. I am very impressed with it especially the design of it, it’s very sleek. I purchased it because I wanted to monitor my weight. Is pleased that the seller included batteries with it. The scale is also accurate. I have a couple of friends that plan on purchasing them one!!

  19. Candace

    I just got my scale today and i couldn’t be more happier how it looks! its so minimalist which i really like a lot! i also love when I stepped in and the light will turn in on and it is a auto off which is energy saver!! The most important about this scale is that it gives you an accurate weight unlike other scale that it gives you different weight every time you stepped on them. I also love the glass and design looks too fancy! the glass is high quality plus it is good for bathroom display because it is too modern looking and I am very satisfied about this scale!!!it is also came with tape measure which, it is easy to use and easy to hold and its very easy convenient for everyone and it give you an accurate measurement!I also totally inlove with the packaging because it looks so neat!!These products are worth purchasing and it is a good deal! I would recommend these to my Family and friends!

  20. Sarah Jane Crider

    love this heavy duty weight scale it can hold upto 400 lbs and it is really acrate due to the digital reading. just remember to use it on a flat hard surface and not on carpet

  21. Amyers13

    This scale is awesome! I had a few olderd one that needed updated, so glad I chose this one! It comes with a nice tape measurer for the days that the scale lies.. great set! Really nice quality!

  22. David

    Works a little too good. I had to take a picture with my kid on it not me. Looks like it’s diet time!

  23. wifey ^^

    ?Its very cool! I love it, the LED light is awesome. It comes with batteries and tape measure. The scale have a good quality. It is accurate too just make sure to place it in a flat surface preferably hardwood/tile floor.

  24. Muyos

    I am starting a health journey and needed a practical scale. It is heavy weight, looks decorative, came with batteries and to top it all it came with a neat tape measure. Love the price and customer service experience, fits well in my small bathroom and does move around, it stays put

  25. Reena F

    Most scales are square, so this stands out from the start. It looks pretty slick without being activated (just step on to do that) and the LEDs light up! Nifty.When you step on it (the second time) in order to determine your weight , instead of just going from 0-X (insert your weight there), the numbers digitally speed through with a cool effect.Essentially- this works, looks nice, is easy to slide under a cabinet, and is unique.

  26. Amanda C.

    ?I love the look, design and easy use of this scale! Won’t lie though, was worried about it being glass. But it so thick and sturdy. It lights up to let you know it’s ready for you to step on. The bright digital numbers make it easy to see. Installing the batteries was super easy and they even came with the scale. Plus I got a bonus measuring tape!

  27. Jamie Gina

    Love the glass center and the blue light. It is accurate and easy to use. It looks great so we leave it out. It came with a tape to measurey waist line too

  28. Boss Mommy

    ?This scale is perfect for health and weight conscious like me. Actually its perfect for everybody weighing not more than 400 lbs. It has a minimalist design that really caught my eyes. It’s made from sturdy thick glass and the numbers are huge that you wont have problem reading your result. The blue led adds up to its charm. The sellers so good that this item includes battery plus a measuring tape that is so easy to use! I will proudly recommend this for a bathroom scale!!

  29. A.P.

    I love the elegant and sleek look to this scale. I can see this scale lasting for a long time. With it being made of glass, which is thick. Also, the blue led light complements this scale very well. The numbers are large enough to read even without your reading glasses. They also throw in a measuring taping that has a slot to hold the tape which is convenient if no else is around to help. Added bonus – the seller provided with 4 AAA batteries which was very nice of them. Overall, this is a great scale and I highly recommend it.

  30. KJ73306

    This is an accurate scale. It is made of a thick, heavy glass. It has a modern, stylish design, so it isn’t too bulky. It has a bright backlit LCD with large easy to read numbers. It requires and comes with 4 AAA batteries. Also, I love the added bonus measuring tape. The tape has an auto retract button and a slot that holds the tape in during measuring. I would recommend this scale to anyone in he market for a bathroom scale.

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