REIDEA KM06 RGB Mechanical Keyboard with Red Switch

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Red mechanical switch keys feature a light 50g linear press and tactile bump;

Satisfying audible click won’t be loud enough to annoy anyone in the next room.

100% anti-ghosting across all 104 keys. Lock unlock Windows Key so you never miss click again

Tested with 50 million keystrokes, molded from top grade ABS and Aluminum; splash safe keycaps easy to clean

Full programmable RGB backlighting gives you ability to choose how your gear looks and color code triggers. Our macro key editor makes it easy to execute keystrokes fast

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Introducing the REIDEA KM06
When gaming with the best, every millisecond counts. That’s why our KM06 keyboard was designed with speed and durability in mind. We went through every detail and created what we thought would give you, the player, the biggest advantage. And while other players are bottoming out on cheap membrane keyboards, you know better. A mechanical keyboard will win every time.

Red switches with 50g of actuation
These super-responsive key switches feature a light 50g linear press and tactile bump that gives you a distinct activation feel. And while this switch has a satisfying audible click, it won’t be loud enough to annoy anyone in the next room. The heart of every keyboard is the switch and these switches won’t let you down.

Per key color customization
Every individual key color can be changed to give you almost limitless customization of your keyboard. Or just use one of the pre-programmed backlight effects. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a unique look. Set your heals to blue. Set your ults to red. Or find that color combo that shows off your style. Make it your own, one key at a time.

Assign macros to ANY key
We didn’t just stop at color customization. We even gave you the ability to assign macros to any key. Our macro key editor makes it easy to execute keystrokes fast.

Splash-safe and easy to clean
Suspended keycaps make it quick and simple to avoid sticky keys. Use the included puller to remove a cap and even change keys out with ease.

Full key rollover
Guarantee accurate gameplay every time with 100% anti-ghosting across all 104 keys. Gaming has never been better.

There are additional switches in the package, you can replace the switches via puller

  1. Remove keycap via pull it;
  2. Remove switch via “U” puller (included)
  3. insert a new switch and keycap

1 review for REIDEA KM06 RGB Mechanical Keyboard with Red Switch

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I would like to share my experiences with this keyboard.

    I’ve been looking for mechanical keyboards a while now, especially for those with RGB background illumination. So far, I did not find a model with a pleasing design or was too expensive for just giving it a try.
    Then the KM06 appeared in the Amazon offers. I really like the nice and clean design and the price is great compared to comparable models.

    ** Quality and layout **
    I like the quality of the keyboard. The front panel is made of metal, which makes the keyboard feel very premium. Finally no plastic scrap on the desk! The angle of the keyboard can be adjusted using fold-out feet.
    The keys are more elevated compared to my old keyboard. For me, as a former rubberdome keyboard user, this is very unusual, but you get used to it quickly.
    There is one thing that I miss: The keyboard has no dedicated multimedia controls. This is what competitors like the K70 or the Logitech G810 do better. However, all multimedia functions can be used by combinations of the FN + F keys. Personally I don’t like that, because I do not want to search for the right keys when I need them.

    ** Mechanical Switches **
    I am not very experienced with mechanical keys yet.
    According to the packaging, red Gaote switches are installed in this keyboard. Gaote switches are Cherry MX Clones, which according to various tests have a good quality.
    In addition to a Keycap Puller tool, 4 spare switches are deliverd with the keyboard. The switches on the board can be replaced instantly, no soldering is necessary. I guess this isn’t the norm for mechanical keyboards. Thumbs up to this!

    ** Background illumination **
    On this keyboard each key can be illuminated in an individual color. An RGB diode is installed under each switch.
    In theory all possible colors are possible, but you will not get the leds to fully white color.
    The brightness of the lighting can be adjusted in several stages. It can also be deactivated.
    The keyboard comes with 10 predefined lighting programs, which can be switched by the FN + number buttons. There are some very funky presets (keys glow after the keypress or throw “waves” over the keyboard). These standard profiles can be adjusted in speed. All of these profiles are very playful and probably less suitable for working.
    In addition, there are three storage spaces for custom lighting patterns. Each key can be illuminated individually in the desired color. The programming of the lighting can be done without a driver. To do this, use FN + Delete to enter the programming mode. Pressing the desired button will change its lighting between 8 (?) different colors and off.

    There is also a driver available, that makes programming more comfortable. You can choose a “background color” to illuminate (or turn off) all buttons with a specific color. Furthermore, the color can be set individually for each button. For this purpose, you can choose from an entire RGB color palette.
    You can switch between the three custom profiles via FN + Roll. For example, you can store a profile for FPS gaming and another one for static lighting.
    Small weakness: In the key caps all symbols are transparent, also the special characters. However, only the upper characters are illuminated well. The characters in the lower part of the keycap are too dark.
    Also, the overall brightness could be improved. The three blue status LEDs are very bright in comparison.

    ** Drivers **
    The driver of the keyboard is optional. The lighting can also be programmed without a driver, at least in color. With the driver, however, it is more comfortable and you can choose from the entire color space.
    Also, the driver offers the possibility to bind macros to each key. I did not test this yet.
    Interestingly, the driver provides an import and export function. In this way, user-defined lighting presets could be exchanged amongs users. So far I could not find any. Perhaps there will be a possibility to do so in the near future.
    What I am missing is an automatic switching of lighting profiles. That could be linked to the start of certain programs for example. But I have the impression that the development is not yet completed.

    ** TL; DR **
    (+) Individual RGB lighting for each key
    (+) 3 custom lighting profiles
    (+) Driver is optional. All control / programmable via keyboard
    (+) Spare switches and removal tool
    (+) Replacing switches without soldering (!)
    (o) Fully white not possible with rgb leds
    (o) Driver can be improved
    (o) The maximum brightness could be higher
    (o) No dedicated multimedia controls
    (-) Uneven keycap illumination, the lower part is not illuminated well.

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