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Healing Rose

The “healing rose” essential oil diffuser has virtually every possible option and makes a lovely addition to any spaceRead More »
Stylish and robust, the diffuser makes sure that you have healthy skin and easier breathing throughout the harsh winter months.Read More »


  • Create a soothing atmosphere with elegant designs that are suitable for both home as well as office use. Whether you want a tranquil ambience for your bedroom or a calm and stress-free aura for your workspace, we have all the right options for you. And if you’re looking for a fitter and healthier lifestyle, try our body weight scales and kitchen scales.

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  • I love this product and will order more. I put this in my spa and it has generated a lot of interest which I of course shared. I love the timer feature, that it’s a humidifier too, the different colors and that it’s so easy to work. Worth the money!!!

    A must buy
    Amazon Customer
  • 100% worth it for the price!!! The description says that they have a tactile bump which would mean it is like a blue switch, but it feels 100% like a red with no tactile bump. I compared them to my friends k65 RGB that has actual Cherry MX Red switches and could barely feel a difference. Matter of fact, he even thought my switches felt better than his.

    100% worth it for the price!!!

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